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Healthy Habits for a Happier Lifestyle

What does it mean to be happy? Well, now that is one of the most common questions in life. For us here in Bistro 1847, being happy means practising a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is all about being active in different ways and of course a healthy diet.

But it is more helpful for everyone to be more specific for this one. So, here are some healthy habits we think you should apply in your lives.

Be Green-minded (Environment and Diet)

Being green means a lot of things like feeling jealous and making a lot of money. But, for us here at Bistro 1847, being green means protecting the environment and living a vegetarian lifestyle.


The more you get yourself engaged in the many programs and initiatives to protect the environment, the better. To be part of this means contributing to a better future for your kids and their kids.

There are many ways you can help the environment. You can start right at your home and then get involved in community efforts.

This is not about simply just feeling good that you are doing your part. It is feeling driven and passionate to contribute more. Right now, you can start in so many different ways.


Being a vegetarian means not eating any meat products at all. If you want to level it up, then you can be a vegan meaning you don’t eat meat as well as dairy products or eggs that come from animals.

Don’t worry about the meat factor. Being a vegetarian has a lot of benefits for your health. You lower the risks of several illnesses and diseases. You also get more energy to face the day and to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish every day.

All of that and more. Also, as a great bonus, you get to enjoy several great vegetarian dishes, treats, and beverages. There are several great restaurants and bistros here in the UK by the way. Make sure to find one near you.

Go Gambling

That is right, gambling. Responsible gambling is a healthy and engaging activity to do. It is about entering your money into a competition to win more money. The thrill and excitement you feel at the same time. You can either go gambling at a casino or an online casino if you don’t feel like going out.

You can still have all the casino fun you want at home. There are several great online casinos you can visit. If you are having a hard time choosing the right one, then you can just go ahead and read a couple of online casino reviews.