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Top 3 Vegetarian Bistros in Liverpool

Are you looking for some great eats in Liverpool? Pretty sure you’ve seen several articles online giving you the top restaurants and cafés. But, have you ever seen an all-vegetarian list? Well, here you are, and you are most welcome.

There are many restaurants, cafes, bistros, pubs, and bars in Liverpool to visit. Each giving you something unique to try. But, on this list, we are going to give you the top 3 food spots that serve the best vegetarian dishes and drinks.

Most restaurants as of these days are only open for takeaways.

Down the Hatch – 62 Duke St

Down the Hatch is putting a whole new meaning to junk food. Have you ever tried vegetarian junk food? Well, it is the exact opposite of junk food in terms of nutrients. But, just like junk food, they are amazingly good. Down the Hatch serves different cuisines mainly vegetarian, Ovo, Western, and British.

Their best-sellers are cauliflower-based servings. You have the cauliflower seitan burger, the cauliflower loaded fries, the cauliflower hot dog, and more. They also serve amazing sweet treats like chocolate sundae and of course, their signature vegan apple pie. Affordable rates, big servings, friendly crew, and a family-vibe bistro.

Indigo Greens – 132 Queens Dr

Indigo Greens is vegan excellence throughout. This bistro is all about the best vegan dishes cooked and prepared using only fresh ingredients. Farm to table food serving, this bistro serves the best potato wedges, spicy veg stir fry, salt and pepper tofu, cauli wings, and more.

They have perfected several plant-based meals. You can get amazing sandwiches, grilled dishes, desserts, smoothies, and kombucha. Indigo Greens continue to add something new in their menu while retaining many of its best servings ever. One last thing, you need to try the all-vegetable hot dog called the V Dog.

Go Falafel – 6 Richmond St

Go Falafel serves one of the best vegan falafels, not only in Liverpool but throughout North West England. Quick servings but loaded with greens and is a favourite eat out spot for many residing Central Liverpool.

Their fresh falafel wraps and falafel and hummus platter are their best sellers. You won’t get a fresher and tastier falafel than this. They also serve salad with veggies of your choice and the tabbouleh, a parsley salad with bulgur wheat, mint, onion, tomato, and lemon vinaigrette.

People fell in love with Go Falafel not only because of its deliciousness but because of its affordability as well.

We highly recommend these three but if you want more, subscribe to the blog or contact us today.