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Books About Vegetarianism

Bistro 1847 is all about vegetarian bistros, but we are also about living that vegetarian life. You don’t have to go to these bistros to start living a healthier lifestyle, all you need is a good book about vegetarianism.

Here are a couple of great reads for you.

“How not to die” by Michael Greger and Gene Stone

This New York Times Best Seller is all about living a healthier and longer life by changes in lifestyle and diet. The book tells you how several premature deaths can be prevented by eating healthier and being more active.

The book tackles the many issues millions of people around the globe suffer from, illnesses. According to the book, medical professionals and facilities are great at treating acute illnesses but not that good when it comes to chronic diseases.

This is not a recipe book, by the way, it is a timeless survival guide that is sure to give you more knowledge and understanding about vegetarianism and its benefits to our lives.

“Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” by Deborah Madison

This book is 13 years old this year. The book was described as “What Julia Child is to French cooking; Deborah Madison is to vegetarian cooking.” This book is the first of its kind to go into detail when it comes to vegetarian cooking.

We are not talking about simple recipes but a complete understanding about the different ingredients and how vegetarianism is different from all types of cuisines and cooking styles.