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About Us

Bistro 1847 located at 18 Greyfriars Road, Caolas, PA77, 2TW is the number 1 blog when it comes to talking about the best vegetarian bistros in the Midlands and North West England here in the UK.

The blog was launched in late 2016 by infection control nurse and foodie, Isabel Read. By the way, she is not a vegetarian.

The blog she launched was mainly to review local restaurants and cafes. The blog didn’t get much attention in 2016 but in mid-2017, Bistro 1847 started welcoming several readers. By August 2017, the blog had more than 4,000 readers.

Despite being a small project, Read made it her full-time job to grow the blog, so she spent most of her time travelling all over Midlands and North West England. She visited cities like Rutland, Dudley, Lincoln, and Allesley in the Midlands region.

In North West England, she roamed around Liverpool, Manchester, Greater Manchester, Salford, and Blackpool to find the best bistros and restaurants.

The blog started as a food blog but Read decided to narrow it down to vegetarians only. The reason she decided to do so was to promote several small and family-owned vegetarian bistros and restaurants.

It was also a great opportunity and platform for her to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle to her readers. By the end of 2017, Bistro 1847 was one of the most popular blogs in several cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Birmingham, Coventry, and Leicester.

So, if you are looking for the top vegetarian bistros in Midlands and North West England, you know where to go.